Feb 9, 2009

So now I write...

I have been poked and prodded, stretched and flexed to the point where even gymnasts would be jealous. I have been ice packed, ice cupped and ice bathed. I have had bags of ice plastic wrapped to my body to the point I could not walk. I have been heat packed, foam rolled, messaged, ultra sounded and been hooked up to machines that send small electric pulses through your muscles. I have arm biked to the brink of insanity and peered over it's vast horizon into it's inky unknown. I have pumped iron and push ups and crunches until my body burned. And yet, I have not ran.

Running is an interesting sport, it is intense, cruel, painful, magnificent. It tears you down only to leave you stronger. It requires it's athletes to be more than just physically strong but mentally, spiritually, emotionally tough. Running requires a soundness of mind as well as body. It does not ask, it demands.

No one has ever known torment like that of an athlete unable to perform. Someone once said runners were courageous and therefore stupid. I disagree with their reasoning. By definition courage is to have the mental or moral strength to venture or persevere. Courage is doing what is right even at a sacrifice; that is not stupidity. I am sorry if this is blasphemous but I believe that Jesus must have been a runner, how could He have withstood so much pain?
And so, I shall persevere.