Jun 23, 2008


I was looking forward with dread to this week-end.

I was about as prepared as I could have been. But wild fires within 2 miles from the course and along a couple of the access roads and poor air quality was apparently too much.

I'm thinking of going down anyways to check out the festivities and for a long run, as preparation for whatever race I come up with next.

No word yet on what this will mean for next year.

Jun 12, 2008

Equanimity, and running for Jesus

A math teacher signed my son's yearbook with a complement about his math skills and with Phil 4:13, which I thought was bold in the public school system which acts like there is some virtue in having freedom from religion rather than freedom of religion. But perhaps that kind of non-PC behavior is one of the perks of living in a hick town.

I have a favorite quote from Kipling's "If" (which grandpa Olsen decoupaged on one of his economy hardwood panels--see his blog on using these) about meeting with triumph and disaster with equanimity. Paul has a similar sentiment when he writes "I have learned, in whatsover state I am, therewith to be content. I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound". That precedes where he says "I can do all things through Christ which strengthenth me" in Phil 4:13.

After winning a "national masters championship" I was able to put together some good thoughts at a fireside at a scout campout, but actually I had better tie-ins from my next race where I struggled to finish in the back third of the pack.

I hear of some people that run to honor God. I love and respect Him. But I wonder how much He cares whether I run faster than my friends. He must care more about how I live, and that I do a good effort in exercising the talents He has given. I wouldn't rank even my greatest PR as more than an infinitesimal contribution to His enormous glory. But maybe the point is to do my little bit. I don't know whether to think of my success in running as a reward or a gift. But I think it is a blessing- I can't explain it on the basis of the relatively few training miles I do.

So I run. And I glorify God by doing all things that he sees fit to give me strength to do, running and non-running. I give credit to Him for every talent or good thing that happens, but accept disaster as a lesson and opportunity to learn and lean on Him. But I don't sign year-books.

Jun 5, 2008

Graduation w/o regrets

Crater high school graduation involved lots of pomp, and speeches, and ceremony. It's what many of these kids have long looked forward to. People started showing up 2 hours early to try to get good seats.
Emily didn't want to go.
There was a youth temple trip at the same time. It's not like there was much question whether she would graduate, and it wasn't the hardest thing she's done this past year. And it's not the greatest thing she is going to do. I think she's already looking forward to what's next. But we told her she had to go. She was a good sport and didn't seem to mind. Some of her classmates left shortly after graduation on a 2 day trip to 6-flags which I think is designed to keep them from going out drinking and driving. We rented "The Great Debaters" and stayed up late considering social justice.

Jun 2, 2008

Life in the fast lane...

So, pretty much, this last year as been insane, pretty much. Senior year of high school, getting ready for college, friends, cross-country, calculus and kayaks, track, C.A.R. and church. It doesn't sound so bad all listed out like that. Did I mention homework? That's always a plus in my life, it's kind of fun in a sick sort of way...

After having an amazing track season I've been accepted to OSU to run track and cross-country. I'm really excited! As an added bonus I get to live with my grandparents! The only sad note is OSU just recently cut back on their language program. link They're keeping Spanish (fortunately) however other languages are soon on their way out ;(

My aspiration in life is to become a gas station employee. I would work my through the oil empires eventually ending on top with an oil monopoly (I love that game). As a side note my dream job is as a waitress at Olive Garden. Sadly I will not be able to partake of either of these promising job opportunities as my parents are shipping me to Oklahoma for C.A.R. shortly after my 18th birthday (15 days, be afraid).

I have just discovered one of the many joys in life: blogging. I can see myself spending many wistless hours preparing new blogs for the discover and semi-entertainment (or woe) of others. This joy was only currently discovered, within the last ten minutes or so, as I sat at my father's computer typing away at what you have previously read. It is a common thought that when a person finds joy in an activity it would be expedient for them to divulge themselves in it, that way they might have joy. With this thought in mind I could continue blogging for the rest of my life, or I could end here, go to bed and perhaps never think of blogging again, either of which are desirable options. Oh! Woe is me, the choices at hand! Why are the young so afflicted?! Yea, that was fun, good night.


Couldn't be prouder

For my inaugural entry I want to give a brief introduction to my sometimes running partner, co-author of this blog, "her mother's world, her daddy's girl" Em.

18 months ago she asked if I thought she'd ever be fast. I'm glad I wasn't honest at the time, because she would have proved me wrong.

Her attitude towards pacing is "I don't like to run slow, that's why I run fast."

2 weeks in a row I watched her in 1500m races that were inspiring. After semi-laconic first laps, she turned up the heat more each lap, withstood late challenges, and sprinted to glory. Well, if not glory, at least 1st in district, then 3rd in state, and to a position on the OSU women's cross-country and track teams. I'll go to my grave with a smile on my face every time I think about those races.

Running isn't the only thing in our lives, or even the most important. But it is something we share and enjoy. It is a metaphor for many things. Training is often time for personal reflection, racing is an exercise of stewardship, and allows us to feel God's pleasure, challenge ourselves, improve fitness, rub shoulders with other good people, but it also sucks up much of our free time.

By the way, the title of our blog was inspired by cousin Berkely's movie quiz. It is a quote from a movie about, in part, one of our heroes Eric Liddle.