Nov 24, 2010

Bring on the Anesthesia

This last Tuesday I underwent my third surgery. Being only 20 I find this as a big accomplishment; and a sign that I probably need to find a better sport.

My story begins on the 24th of September. It was a Friday evening. My coach had flown the top nine girls to Minnesota to race in the Roy Griak Invitational on the 25th. We had just gone on a run at the race course and were back at our hotel to get ready for dinner. Feeling rushed to get ready I had been bending over my bag looking for clothes. I stood up quickly, kind of at an angle, with all my weight on my right leg. It gave way.

The rest of the evening I could not put weight on it. By morning it had swollen considerably. After going for a light jog and feeling no pain it was decided that I would race. That was the worst race of my life. With every step a sharp pain would shoot up my leg. I collapsed over the finish line and a teammate half carried me to the first aid tent.

The next week I took a few days off. The main goal was to get the swelling in my leg down. After a while I was in good enough shape to race again. On October 16th I raced at the Dillinger Invitational. I did not have any pain, but my time was not good either. The next weekend I raced at the Beaver Classic. The next day I could not walk.

My coach and trainer decided it was time I took two weeks off. So I did. During this time period I also started exercises that were designed to help strengthen my knee. By the end of the two weeks we had moved into November and my knee was still hurting. My trainer had me start cross-training with some light running and scheduled an appointment with the team doctor. Dr. Wobig, a knee specialist (just my luck), ordered an MRI and gave me some anti-inflammatories. By the 17th the results were back with what could be a possible intrasubstance tear on my right medial meniscus, it was advised that I undergo an arthroscopy. If there was no tear I would have to take two weeks off, if there was I would have 6-8 weeks in crutches.

Fortunately I don't mind using crutches. =)

Thanks Mom for chauffeuring me around and thanks G-ma and pa for watching Gideon