Mar 19, 2012

Excerpts From My Running Diary

The second week into the winter school term Benton County experienced serious flooding. Bridges closed, schools shut down, and Oregon State (which had taken two half days and a national holiday already) took a flood day.

With out school and nothing to study I met up with one of my high schoolers and went for a run. We decided to head downtown to check out the flooding. We had to take a few detours because the bike trails were flooded. J and I went back later to grab photos of what we had run through.

By Pioneer Park, this extends to the picture below:

Under the high way 99 bridge 

Kayaking on Brook lane

Fields by Country Club where I usually like to run


A few weeks ago the high school showed me a new run. You start in Peavy Arboretum and follow the dirt road up, and up, and up until you get to Saddle. From Saddle you head over to Chip Ross by Dan's Trail. Once in Chip Ross you make your way around to 29th and then it's two miles of road back to the High School. It's a hard but beautiful run. The only down side (aside from the +6miles of uphill) is getting someone to drop you off.