Jun 2, 2008

Couldn't be prouder

For my inaugural entry I want to give a brief introduction to my sometimes running partner, co-author of this blog, "her mother's world, her daddy's girl" Em.

18 months ago she asked if I thought she'd ever be fast. I'm glad I wasn't honest at the time, because she would have proved me wrong.

Her attitude towards pacing is "I don't like to run slow, that's why I run fast."

2 weeks in a row I watched her in 1500m races that were inspiring. After semi-laconic first laps, she turned up the heat more each lap, withstood late challenges, and sprinted to glory. Well, if not glory, at least 1st in district, then 3rd in state, and to a position on the OSU women's cross-country and track teams. I'll go to my grave with a smile on my face every time I think about those races.

Running isn't the only thing in our lives, or even the most important. But it is something we share and enjoy. It is a metaphor for many things. Training is often time for personal reflection, racing is an exercise of stewardship, and allows us to feel God's pleasure, challenge ourselves, improve fitness, rub shoulders with other good people, but it also sucks up much of our free time.

By the way, the title of our blog was inspired by cousin Berkely's movie quiz. It is a quote from a movie about, in part, one of our heroes Eric Liddle.

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brenda said...

Way to go, Emily! I feel inspired. Neil, do you think I could ever be fast? (don't answer that)