Dec 21, 2008

7 Things

Sorry, I'm a little slow about jumping on to the band wagon but I wanted to put some serious thought and effort into this. When Grandma asked if I was going to write a blog about 7 things people don't typically know about me Grandpa kind of laughed and said I wasn't old enough. Which leads perfectly into my list:

1.) I like challenge; being told (or thinking) I can't do something or it's too hard and then proving others or myself wrong. One of the reasons I love climbing mountains and running so much is because it's, well, hard.

2.) I like pain; There is nothing that excites me more than a hard workout and racing (my team constantly pokes fun at my smiling while racing, I can't help it!)

3.) My two biggest fears are falling and failure; I do not enjoy the sensation of falling which is why I have such a hard time with heights - I am afraid that I will never live up to the expectations I have of myself or those of my family

4.) I can't go above 15,000ft in elevation because I get High Altitude Cerebral Edema; this was discovered while climbing mountains in Mexico.

5.) Over the last couple of years I've had problems with my tonsils, next March I will undergo my first surgery with a tonsillectomy.

6.) I was late to my senior prom due to the Oregon Relays; a track event held at Hayward Field where I ran two events, my mom curled my hair while my date waited downstairs.

7.) I feel make-up is a complete waste of time; God made me beautiful and if that's not good enough for the rest of society then DEAL because I have better things to do then rub foundation into my pores.


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Thanks for sharing your seven interesting things. I hope you won't let wanting to do things perfectly hold you down because I don't think perfection is possible in this life. Just near perfection. So why torture yourself. I like your attitude about foundation. Makes me feel more comfortable around you!

We miss you. Come back soon.
Love, Grandma

Imagitext said...

I think that most blonds are not that smart because they take to much time putting on toxic stuff. I happen to know one.
I hope your tonsils don't hurt to bad (I don't know that much about it)

Em said...

It's scientifically proven hair color does not determine IQ, however, most people who care more about looks dye their hair blond; thus the whole blonds are stupid.
My tonsils aren't hurting at all anymore! Thanks!!

Neil said...

With your hard working enthusiastic attitude I don't think it would be possible for you to "fail" in any meaningful way. Falling is another matter- so tie your shoes correctly!

velvetelement said...

Great 7! I especially like and agree with the one about make-up!