Jun 6, 2009


Esther and I did a races at Applegate lake called Graniteman. She ran 11 miles around Collins mountain and I did 2 laps around the lake.

Esther was 3rd, inspite of starting 30 minutes late. Thanks to chip timing, it didn't matter. She was by herself for a time, then caught a few people. She and I both got nice granite plaques.

Bev and Alan Abbs came up from Redding. Bev was voted the #2 female ultrarunner in the US in 2007.
One of my claims to fame is that she has yet to beat me. So while we were both doing this
as training runs for the long run we're planning in 3 weeks, I didn't want to change that so I had to work a little harder than I wanted, but it all went fine. There were only 8 people in my race.
My knee did OK. I've got some instep pain now that is lingering. It stinks to get older. I slipped on the one short muddy spot in the whole race. I think I had my shirt on inside-out the entire 5 hour race and didn't even notice.


Ken said...

What a pair. Way to go.

You have to click on the first picture to see how he did.

brenda said...

Did the mismatched-shoe style ever catch on in the running world? Wearing a shirt inside out could have it's advantages--the seams wouldn't chafe you, but then they would cause extra drag, right?

Congrats to both of you!!!

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Thanks for the clue, Ken. I just always assume he wins and that he's too modest to come out and say so. Cool that Esther is carrying on the Olsen tradition.

velvetelement said...

Great job you two!