Aug 5, 2008

Back together, for now

Emily and Esther spent what sounded like a great week at EFY in Forest Grove. Then went directly (via Bend) to Steens mountain running camp for the next week. I think that was good, but I would like to think you could do most of the same running without leaving the area here, so we may come up with a home running camp program next year.

That same week Zachary and I spent a great week in the Trinity Alps wilderness area (the same wilderness area where a helicopter crashed killing 9 fire-fighters 2 days ago). The hike in was made more eventful by one of us missing a turn. Some of the group realized he was no longer on the trail, and got word to me where I was bringing up the rear. I dropped most of my pack and went over a mile back and down a different trail. I was confused by seeing the same footprints going each direction. Zach had waited, back-tracked, turned around, and was heading out again towards a place called Bear Basin. He said a prayer and a minute or two later I caught up with him.

2 days later we all did a 20 mile hike one day, and the next day only the 1 youngest and 3 oldest members of the group were willing to leave camp to hike. I got in a great 11 mile adventure run on remote trails complete with route finding difficulties requiring map, compass, altimiter, and GPS use. I never got lost for very long, and didn't see another human the whole time.

We got home just an hour before the girls, unpacked, and washed the cars. I had a weeks worth of lab results and paperwork at work that I finally caught up on yesterday.


Neil said...

You caught up with all 160 charts?! WOOT! Go Dad!


Ken said...

Quite a story about the wrong turn. I'm glad it turned out alright!

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

That's a testimony of the fact that prayers are answered. Glad you all made it safely home.


sheryl said...

We enjoyed seeing Emily and Esther on their way thru. We did a 15 miler on our trek last week. We were on the same trail as the Willie handcart company in 1856 at 7400 feet elevation. The main difference was we had perfect weather at 75 degrees and they had sub zero in 18 inches of snow. We had some sore feet that night, but no serious injuries/illnesses on the trail.

velvetelement said...

You all amaze me with what you are able to accomplish in a week!

brenda said...

This is going to be another exciting week for you guys! Packing Em up and shipping her off. Enjoy your last week as a nuclear fam under one roof.

BTW I blogged about Waldo, Neil.