Aug 28, 2008

I don't feed, I fuel!

It was decided some time ago that I would live with Grandma and Grandpa Olsen during my time at OSU. So, last week I packed up my room into 5 apple boxes, 2 back packs and a duffle bag. My family then dropped me off Sunday night at Grandma and Grandpa’s. The weather seemed to emulate my emotions and as the sky darkened and it began to rain I began to cry.
The next day I had my first taste of Singles Ward, I even watched the movie in preparation. However, it was not all that it was cracked up to be. People formed impenetrable circles as they consumed pie and my efforts of being friendly proved fruitless. I called home that night and cried, I haven’t called home since for fear of being a strain on my family, “The grown child that had to call home every day and cry to her parents” and all that.
The next day Sheryl came over and we had a splendid time picking blackberries followed by a birthday party for one of the girls on my new cross-country team. Instead of sitting around eating pie we sat around and ate cake and had a merry old time talking about things I don’t recall. There are several other new freshman and it was all jolly becoming acquainted with them.
Wednesday was the first official day of practice. They sat everyone (about twenty girls) down in a small room and had us sign a huge stack of papers that stated that they owned our body and it was up to us (since we live in them) to maintain good condition of them. Activities outside of our sport that could cause injury are prohibited, we must maintain excellent grades and we no longer feed. Athletes don’t feed their bodies, they fuel them for maximum performance. There’s a cafeteria where we eat twice a day that is covered in slogans stating: “Don’t feed, FUEL!” The food is on a color coded system, green light food is good, yellow light food should be eaten in small portions and red light food avoided at all costs. I went home and had chocolate cake that night. :DThe did give me a big duffle back full of cool gear and I get three pairs of shoes, two for races and one for training. There’s a weight room just for athletes and we can only wear Nike gear in it and we can not, under any circumstances, wear the color green (for fear of being mistaken as a Duck fan).


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

But green is your favorite color! That is putrid in the extreme.

We love having Emily here. Energy just flows through the place.

I felt bad she cried but being homesick is actually a good thing. It makes you want to be good so you'll be welcomed back again someday.

Grandma O.

Ken said...

Free shoes! Sign me up.

Let us know what your schedule is. We'll cheer you on in proxy.

Neil said...

I don't like crying, so I've decided not to talk to Emily any more. JK.
You're looking pretty fierce in the jacket and tights.

sheryl said...

You're my hero, Emily. I want to grow up and be just like you!!!

Neil said...

My first race is Thursday in Eugene on the Pre Trails. It's just a time trial to see where we are in training.

brenda said...

I'll come to some races, too. Post the schedule, please.

Love ya, Em. I had a hard time leaving home, too. In fact, I needed a little push out of the nest. But you soon get used to those new wings and fly higher and higher. (Insert "Fly Like an Eagle" music)

velvetelement said...

What a fun new experience. College was a little scary at first but it is so great. You will love going to OSU! As for the singles ward it just takes a little time and I bet you will make a ton of friends. Calling home is fine too. Cry your eyes, get it all out and then you will feel better!