Sep 9, 2008

lessons from the trail

The local paper did a nice article on my recent Where's Waldo run. It got me thinking how ultramarathoning is similar to life in several ways.
1) If you don't take in sustenance during the event you will bonk. My favorites are Gu, Heed electrolyte drink, prayer and scripture study.
2) There are trail hazards, and we can get lost. Guides can help us avoid these or find our way back, which can be long and painful.
3) We can be off track and not know the lay of the land even if we have a written map. We can be reoriented by radio or revelation.
4) There are truths (such as the position of the sun, and the message of Jesus) that we can't change by rationalizing.
5) there is a reward for every finisher. You don't get an award if you don't finish, even if you were ahead in the middle.
6) If we are faithful to true principles, we will have a renewing of our strength and bodies, sometimes after a period of feeling down.
7) The last 20 miles may be slow and painful, but as long as we move the right direction on the right trail, there can be tears of joy, rest, healing, and a welcome committee at the end.
8) The only pain that isn't temporary is the anguish of wasted possibility


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Amazing blog post. Thought provoking. I'll remember #7 as I approach the finish line. Enduring to the end is part of the big 5 first principles and ordinances of the gospel.

I'm glad the article got published. Did they publish your picture in color?

Love, Mom

Imagitext said...

I don't know anything about the running part but I liked reading it anyway.

Ken said...

Sounds like the outline of a general conference talk. You just need to fill in some personal experiences (Waldo, both years) and a few scriptures. Nice!

How about an Ensign article?

darkfire said...

That was a really nice analogy.