Nov 9, 2008

PROOF : I am my father's daughter

A couple of weeks ago I went on a run (surprise). I had heard about some trails on Witham Hill and was desirous to see what they were like.
So during one of breaks in between classes I found my self running down Harrison towards the bike path that would take me to the trails. There are some great trails up there. There’s not that many and they mostly loop back and forth but it’s some great scenery. During the course of the run I took a side trail that looked promising but soon found myself lost without a trail weaving through trees and hopping over brush. “This is something my dad would do” was prominent in my mind. As I was doing this I came across a homeless camp, it most terrifying. I quickly turned around and tried to find my way back. I soon found a trail and started running along it only to come to a gate, I hopped the gate and continued on my way only to discover I was running down a rather steep hill in a horse pasture and I wasn’t sure how to get out. There was a series of horse pastures and a road just beyond them which I was determined to get to. I made my way out of the horse pasture and started running along a dirt road that ran parallel to the road I wanted. Unfortunately there were several horse pastures preventing my access. I soon came to a falling down barn and a creek, with a running jump the later was soon taken care of and I found myself roughly twenty feet from the road with only a ten foot fence covered in barbed wire in my way. With some tricky climbing and “I really hope no body sees me” running through my head, I soon slipped through the fence and stood at the edge of the road. I didn’t know where I was, what road I was on, or which way to go. I did know that I came from the east, so that’s where I wanted to go. As I started running in that direction I realized there was a bike path on the other side of the road which led me to believe I was on 53rd. This hypothesis proved to be correct within a few minutes when I reached Harrison. Grandpa wasn’t so pleased when I told him the story, my dad laughed and said he was proud of me.
On my run yesterday I was able to study the anatomy of rotting deer. It stunk.


Ken said...

I once went mountain biking up that way and came out dirty and tired near Philomath.

And then there was the time your dad ran me into the ground out there near Oak Creek. I was barely able to walk out.

Need to borrow a GPS?

Neil said...

or at least a cell phone!

I love runs like that- except for the homeless camp part. Take someone with you next time!

Imagitext said...

That sounded cool. If you couldn't find your way out I'm sure the homeless people would let you join them.