Nov 9, 2008

bad nursing

I've been nursing an injury along for over 2 months. Every time it starts to get a little better I test it out, and realize I've lost conditioning, so I push myself and then it hurts worse.

It's just a pain that comes from the front of my knee cap. It was numb for the St George marathon, so that was good. I've had days and even some runs where it hasn'tt hurt at all, so I thought I was on track for this coming weekend, but I ran on the bike path 3 days ago while Pam biked, and it continues to hurt. My plan now is to not run until Saturday morning, get 100 miles in, then rest it some more.


Em said...

Dad, I'm worried about you. Good luck in Arizona.

Ken said...

At last! Proof you may not be superhuman after all.

Take it easy for a while, eh? You don't want the ortho poking around in there.

Be kind to your knees. You'll miss them when they are gone.

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

If it hurts when you push yourself, maybe you shouldn't push yourself. At your age it probably takes longer to heal than it did in younger years. I can hear you saying "Ouch." what's in Arizona?

brenda said...

What's this about arizona???

It's cool that you and Pam have found a way to exercise together. Mike and I haven't. He refuses to come to step aerobics and I'm no runner.

velvetelement said...

You are crazy...good luck! Actually I just realized you probably already ran so I hope you did well!