Oct 23, 2008

Weeks 3 & 4

Last week I had my first college mid-term, EVER, in Biology. The following day I broke my lap top by dropping it accidentally on its side. And something else rather sad happened but I don't recall. I also officially gave up sleeping and have moved on to do better things with my life. I ran my first 5k of the season and pr'd from last year by roughly a minute finally breaking 20min with a 19:16 time.
This week I had two more exams, and the last race of my season. For the last three weeks or so I've been dealing with some pain in my calves. The muscles are really tight and I have some nasty knots. The trainer literally had to dig her elbow into my calve in an attempt to get them out. It really hurts. But while I race for some reason I don't feel the pain, after wards it kills.
The Beaver Classic is not a spectacular event. It's open to colleges of any division and locals who wish to run. As a 6k it follows the circumference of Avery Park on the grassy section three times. I started out to fast, a rather bad habit, and broke 6 min for the first mile. The second mile didn't feel so bad but the third was hard and it hurt. I did finish with an average of 6:06 per mile and a pr of 22:54 taking roughly a minute and a half off of my last time placing 29 out of 120 girls.


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

We're proud of you for your back to back PRs. We know you're working hard and doing your best.

Ken said...

6:06 miles! That is flying!

Your dad should have come up and run with you, if he could have kept up!

Sorry we missed it!

brenda said...

You stretching enough? Congrats on your time! That's amazing. I can walk, like, a whole mile in that much time.

Neil said...

Nice job! Love the picture-is that Kendal right in front of you?
Last year you didn't seem to care how you did on mid-terms. This year you are really into it. We appreciate that and are really proud of you.

Em said...

I've been stretching like crazy, I don't know why my calves are all tight. Yesterday they hooked me up to this machine that like electrically massages them. It's weird, but it's feeling a little better. No, Kendal is the next girl up.

velvetelement said...

Way to go. You look like a power runner in that picture, I love it! Good job on the PRs they are great.