Oct 6, 2008

One down, nine more to go

I just went through the first week of the next decade (give or take) of my life.  It was interesting in a painful kind of way.  My hardest class is biology, there are over 500 kids in my class with well over 1000 taking the class.  You have to get there 5 min early just to get a seat in the downstairs area. We have an exam next Monday all about eukaryotes, procaryotes, how the earth was formed and the basic steps of evolution. I'm soo excited! 
My day consists of getting up at 6:30, getting ready for school, homework, going to class, run/homework, class, homework, institute, weights, home, homework, sleep.  My last class Friday is a lab that ends at 9:00pm.  Our assignment for this quarter is to come up with a feasible hypothesis about bread mold and come up with an experiment that can test our hypothesis.  I'm also really excited to be working with bread mold.  It's like my most favorite thing in the world.
On the plus side I have a race Oct 25th at Avery Park and the OSU cross-country team got 2nd at a huge race in Auburn, Alabama ranking them 6th in the Pac-10 conference!  :D 

P.S. Grandma, I'm sorry there's no pictures I just wasn't motivated enough to put any in.  Well, I'm off to Study Hall, Have an awesome evening everyone!! 


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Where are you going to find moldy bread? Sounds like fun. Glad you're so enthused.

Imagitext said...

Wow. I get up, do my 'list', and work on school. I eat lunch, work on more school, then read/learn about stuff I want to. If I had your day I would die. You're cool.

brenda said...

I've thought about bread mold often in the last several years...for example, why doesn't bread seem to mold as quickly as it used to? I'm talking about packaged bread from the store. It lasts freakishly long. I kind of want my bread to mold if it's been in the cupboard for more than a week.

If you followed a recipe for bread that a bakery serves, would it mold as quickly as bread bought fresh from that bakery same day? (My hypothesis, no, because bakeries have molds that have set up permanent residence in their machines.)

And why is bread mold so carcinogenic, whereas cheese mold is harmless.

Neil said...

If potato and squash mold is carcinogenic then our garage would be a superfund site.
Nice job on your first week!