Oct 12, 2008

Week Two

While walking around campus after class one day a guy rode by on a bicycle that looked almost exactly like mine. He was riding rather slowly, weaving through people, and in my shock I stopped to stare at the bike. The words, "oh no you didn't" where projected through my mind and as I was on my way to comfront him I noticed minute differences that insure (at least to myself) that the bike was indeed not mine. However, I did have to rush to where I had left my bike only an hour before to insure that it was still there.
I was asked to give a talk in church today about how General Conference influenced. Not sure what to do with such a broad topic I attended General Conference in it's entirety (for the first time EVER!) and was sure to take meticulous. With much prayer, I couple of desprite calls home and guidance from Grandma and Grandpa I finished my talk at 2:30am of the day I was to give it. I then precided to bed and arose at 7:00 to go on a team run, in my rush to get to practice on time I for went breakfast (not a wise decission). The team traveled out to this place called "The Saddle" where we ran around for a good hour. We got back to school at roughly 10:00 where I quickly got ready for church. I ended up being only 15min late (I had feared worse) but when I started looking for my talk in my back pack I soon realized (to my horror) that I had left it in the OSU Cross-Country girls' locker room. I said a quiet prayer and snuck into the chapel in time for sacrament. Grandma and Grandpa seem to believe that my talk went well, so I'll go with that. Elder Wirthlin taught that we must learn to laugh. I'm getting there.


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

She claimed the talk she'd written was only 3 minutes. So rather than listening to 3 minutes of a talk that was read, we got 5 minutes of good eye contact, personal experience, feelings, and a little of what she'd remembered from studying. She could have closed with a little more firmness, but other than that it was a very good talk.

brenda said...

That happens in my nightmares! I'm sure you pulled it off beautifully.

velvetelement said...

That is great you could still give a good talk not having it in front of you. I don't know if I could have done it.