Aug 20, 2011

Cascade Lakes Relay 2011

This year for our Daddy-Daughter bonding time we decided to do a Relay race.Cascade Lakes Relay goes from Diamond Lake to Bend. Here is some of our experiences:

Bug spray is a desirable commodity before getting in line for the port-a-potty.

Each team consists of two vans with six people each. We were van 1 (for obvious reasons).

Dad was nearly DQ'd for almost fumbling the baton!

Vest? check.  Tunes? check.  Headlamp? check.  Smile? Not this early in the morning.

Esther suffering with a smile.  Dad suffering with a limp.

Female Hermes- you can almost see the wings!

Van 1, Argggh!

Minus 1 Star for every hour we had to wait at that restaurant. 

It's the people that make the meal.  Especially for cannibals.

Sleep gained: None
Views: Beautiful
Food: Not good the second time
People: Awesome!
Overall: Good experience. 

Doing it again next year? Maybe.. not. Mt Jefferson = most definitely.


Neil said...

you can see me in the backgound on that 1st picture- in line for the porta-potty :-)
Great times.
Looking forward to Jeff

brenda said...

Your dad almost got Dairy Queened??? Count me in!